R L Surveys Director Beccy Holiday will be tying up the laces on her walking shoes soon to walk the Kent Memory Walk for her father who has dementia.

Beccy will be walking the Kent Memory Walk at Leeds Castle on Sunday 30th September for her dad, Tony, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 71.

Beccy, 32, will be taking part in the Memory Walk with her mum Julia and her young daughter Rosie, 5, who is a pupil at Great Chart Primary School.  She said: 

‘I have seen the effects of dementia first hand through my dad.  Thankfully Dads dementia was caught fairly early on and so he has been able to receive medication which should slow down the effects of the dementia but we know we still have a long road ahead.  I’m looking forward to taking part in Memory Walk with my Mum and daughter so I can help raise money to support people with dementia like my dad and also those who care for those with dementia.

‘I would encourage everyone to sign up today and help make a difference to the lives of those people who are living with the condition.’

Pictured Julia & Tony Kellham with daughter Beccy taken before Tonys diagnosis

You can sponsor Beccy at www.justgiving.com/HolidayMemoryWalk

To register for Memory Walk visit memorywalk.org.uk