R L Surveys Ltd recently received the STEM blue level certification, an environmental accreditation where businesses must put in place an environmental management system.

The STEM (Steps to Environmental Management) accreditation confirms the green credentials of R L Surveys and their commitment to the environment.

Businesses benefit from attaining certification by reducing environmental costs through removing inefficiencies and it also helps prepare businesses for attaining the Carbon Trust Standard, BS 8555 or ISO 14001.

The accreditation scheme is run by Kent County Council and involves attending workshops and using their online resources like the webinar.  In order to achieve the Blue level of STEM, R L Surveys had to prove;

• Top level management commitment to the environmental policy.
• Completion of a baseline environmental assessment.
• Identification of significant environmental impacts.
• Complete a draft Environmental Policy.
• Collate environmental performance data.

R L Surveys Ltds Survey Director, Mike Holiday, attended the workshop and completed the necessary work in order to attain the certification.  Mike said 'R L Surveys are committed to providing services that are environmentally responsible.  Our customers can be sure that when they use our services, they will have the minimum environmental impact possible.'