Studies show that workers are happier if the company they work for is greener, both in terms of their approach to sustainability and how green (literally!) the working environment is. Green Office Week runs from 12th-16th May and is a great opportunity to increase green initiatives in your workplace.

It is often the simple things, like turning off lights and electrical equipment when not in use that can have the biggest day-to-day impact. Many workers have introduced the 3Rs into their daily lives – REDUCE – REUSE – RECYCLE; again a simple approach which when implemented results in substantial gains. By making a pledge with Green Office Week via Avery UK we will show you how to 'do your bit' in your day-to-day working lives and help you make a difference. 

Creating a greener working space has shown to contribute to overall wellbeing. Green plants increase air quality and provide a calming influence - leading to healthier, more productive workers!

So lets get green!